Health and Wellness

Angelique C. Mizera D.O.  FAAPMR, C-NMMOMM

Using Osteopathic principles, Dr. Angelique Mizera integrates a variety of modalities that are focused on treating pain and improving your health and wellness, honoring the mind, body, and spirit connections that are present in all of us.

Who Is Dr. Mizera?

Dr. Angelique Mizera is a Board-certified physician specializing in Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Osteopathic Manipulation. She has worked with hundreds of clients to decrease their musculoskeletal pain. She is committed to assisting her patients with to lead a healthy and functional life they love.

She integrates basic physical medicine principles utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to manage physical problems and related disabilities. Holding true to the founding principles of Osteopathy, she specializes in using Osteopathic manipulation to assist the body in healing itself. Many diseases have physical manifestations and these can be addressed through manipulation that optimizes the body’s structure-function relationship. 

Mission Statement:

“Through leadership, enlightenment and courage, my mission is to contribute to global health and well-being by practicing medicine compassionately while honoring the mind-body-spirit connection.”